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Halloran & Sage attorneys are widely recognized as among the premier appellate advocates in the Northeast. Ours was one of the first area firms to perceive the specialized nature of appellate practice and to establish a distinct Appellate Practice Group. Since its inception, the Appellate Practice Group has been joined by other distinguished appellate lawyers - most recently by Daniel Krisch in 2012. Lawyers in our group have argued more than 200 appeals before state and federal courts, including many precedent-setting and highly charged cases. As pioneers in appellate advocacy with a substantial record of success, we are the go-to firm for litigants seeking to reverse or uphold the outcome of a trial.

We formed our Appellate Practice Group because we recognize that successful appeals require discrete knowledge and skills. Appellate courts distinctly differ from trial courts in the standards they apply and the procedures they follow. Through our long involvement in this area, we are thoroughly versed in the procedures and strategies required for winning on appeal. Simply put, we know how best to present your case on appeal in order to maximize your likelihood of success. We also fully understand the costs of an appeal and will help you thoroughly assess the legal and financial risks and benefits.

Our lawyers have the ability, experience, and determination to advocate forcefully for your case on appeal. Our work begins even before trial, working with trial counsel on important legal issues and creating a strong record in support of a potential appeal. After trial, we confer with you and your trial counsel to craft a post-trial strategy that lays the groundwork for appellate review. We then handle all aspects of the appeal, from ensuring that it is properly filed and docketed, to writing the brief and presenting the oral argument. We leave no stone unturned in seeking to protect your interests on appeal.

We also represent non-parties who wish to participate in appeals as "friends of the court". Typically these are civic groups, membership associations, individuals and businesses that seek to persuade the appellate court to modify or establish law on issues important to them. Perhaps the best evidence of our success is that trial lawyers from firms throughout the region recommend Halloran & Sage to their clients to handle appeals.