Defense Verdict Obtained in Property Damage Lawsuit filed by Electric Company

Lew Lerman recently obtained a defense verdict in a case tried to the jury in New Britain. CL&P brought a property damage lawsuit to recover $21,052.55 in damages resulting from a motor vehicle accident in Newtown where the defendant veered off the road due to icy weather conditions and struck the plaintiff's telephone pole and accompanying equipment. The defendant was insured up to $10,000 in property damages and had $6,316.51 left on the policy after making two payments to other property owners. The plaintiff would not accept the remaining amount left on the policy. The defendant filed an Offer of Compromise for $6,316.51. Plaintiff's last demand before trial was $12,500. If the plaintiff prevailed, the defendant would have been personally liable for $14,736.04.

The defense argued that the defendant was not negligent and that the adverse road and weather conditions caused the accident. The jury agreed and rendered a defense verdict.