Defense Verdict Obtained in EMT Matter

A Bridgeport jury handed Attorney Nicole Tung another victory in a case with a torturous procedural history, limited discovery and limited time to prepare for trial. The case was initially dismissed for plaintiff’s failure to comply with discovery orders, then re-opened, and continued or otherwise delayed for numerous reasons through no fault of the defendants before the court finally set the matter down for trial. The court gave the parties two weeks to prepare. Attorney Tung defended two paramedics and their employer American Medical Response of Connecticut. On the alleged date of the incident, the plaintiff was sitting in her vehicle being attended to by Bridgeport Police. She was complaining of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Police called for medical assistance. Two paramedics arrived and found the plaintiff breathing into a paper bag but alert, oriented, and responsive. The medics assessed the plaintiff. They helped her out of her vehicle and once she was standing, plaintiff began to lower herself to the ground as a medic had his arms around her, forcing her and the medic to the ground. The plaintiff became uncooperative and began repeating “I can’t breathe; I can’t breathe” while convulsing and manifesting a seizure reaction. Plaintiff was immediately placed on oxygen and vitals reassessed. Her O2 levels and vitals were normal. Plaintiff filed suit claiming that she was dropped, causing her to strike her head, blackout, and sustain numerous injuries including a traumatic brain injury with post-traumatic headaches, cervical disc herniation, jaw, head, and back, knee, shoulder strain/sprain. She claimed approximately $47,000 in medical expenses with a need for future treatment. In her closing, she asked the jury to return a verdict in excess of 1 million dollars. The jury returned a defendant’s verdict.