Appellate Court Panel Affirms Dismissal by Summary Judgment in Land Records Matter

Attorneys Laura Pascale Zaino and Joshua Auxier secured another important appellate victory in PMG Land Associates, L.P. v. Harbour Landing Condominium Association, Inc., et al., 172 Conn. App. 688 (2017). The plaintiff, a land development company, had claimed that Halloran & Sage’s client, a neighboring condominium association, had tortiously interfered with its project by filing notices on the land records and by other acts. A unanimous panel of the Appellate Court affirmed the dismissal by summary judgment. The Court concluded the whole matter was barred by the statute of limitations. The Appellate Court resolved the issue whether a filing on the land records is one event or is a “continuing” event that would toll the statute of limitations, which benefitted the association as the plaintiff filed too late.

Laura Pascale Zaino, a partner in Halloran & Sage’s Appellate Practice Group, argued the appeal for the defendants. Joshua Auxier, a litigation partner who practices in the area of directors and officers liability, obtained summary judgment dismissal for the defendants in the trial court.