Privacy is a concern of many with respect to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and the transmission of information to and from web sites. In order that Halloran & Sage LLP (the Firm), its clients, and others who may access the Firms web sites all understand our policy with respect to privacy, we are publishing this Privacy Policy Statement.

General Statement
The Firm does not currently collect or retransmit any personal identifying information (Personal Information) through our web site, except as follows:

  • ■ Information that the Firmís Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides to the Firm: (a) automatically such as a users Internet    address and possibly the users e-mail address, and (b) as part of reports or other information for the purpose of    monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing access to and usage of the Firmís web site. In such cases, such information may    include Personal Information as part of a report. Such information is not retransmitted to any person or entity outside of the    Firm, other than for the purpose of utilizing such information to enhance or modify the Firmís web pages.
  • ■ Information that a user sends to us in an e-mail message.
  • ■ Information that a user submits through a search request or form within our web site.
  • ■ Information that a user submits to the Recruiting Committee and/or others involved in the Recruiting process.

The Firm reserves the right to use Personal Information, and other information obtained from users of its web site, for its own proper purposes, but will not sell to or exchange with third parties such Personal Information.

As is true in almost all Internet contexts, e-mail sent to us may not be secure, especially if it is unsolicited and not from a person or entity with whom we have an attorney-client relationship. If you choose to send e-mail to the Firm or any attorneys or staff of the Firm, we reserve the right (but not the obligation) to retain all or a portion of the content of your e-mail, your e-mail address and our response, and all such information and material will be the property of the Firm. If you are concerned about e-mail and security, we suggest that before you send such e-mail, you communicate using what you consider to be a secure mode with the prospective recipient to discuss how best to transmit the information.

The Firm does not currently use Cookies on its web site. We reserve the right, however, to use them in the future, without prior notice other than a modification of this policy statement.

Links and Tools
The Firmís web site includes links and tools to other resources located on the Internet. Unless otherwise stated, such links and tools are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Firm, and the Firm disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for the contents of such sites or the use by those sites of any Personal Information or other information which you may provide to them. These linked sites and tools are not governed by the Firms Privacy Policy Statement, and we encourage you to view their privacy policies, if any, prior to accessing such sites or providing them any information.

Privacy Protection Policy
Pursuant to Connecticut General Statute Section 42-471 concerning the confidentiality of Social Security numbers and other personal information, it is Halloran & Sage's policy to protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers and personal information obtained and used in the course of business from its employees and clients.

Modifications in Policy
The Firm reserves the right to alter, modify, amend, and in any way change its Privacy Policy at any time, without notice other than as posted on this Policy Statement page. We encourage your to review this Policy Statement page for updates or modifications. Changes will be effective when posted.

Questions and Inquiries
Should you have any questions or concerns about this policy, you may contact us at

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