Welcome from the Managing Partner

Experience. Depth. Reputation. Integrity. These, I believe, are the qualities that clients look for in a law firm. These, I know, are the qualities that define Halloran & Sage. We promise our clients, "Your solutions start here." We make that promise because we view ourselves as problem solvers. Over the span of seven decades as a leading Connecticut law firm, we have time and again proven this to be true.

To our clients, our experience is important. It assures them that we know the law, we know the courts, we know the agencies and we know the industries. But there is something else our clients appreciate - we know them. This firm is driven by the mandate that the client comes first. We strive always to listen to our clients, understand their goals, and help achieve them. We see ourselves and our clients as partners, together crafting the solutions they seek.

Halloran & Sage is a diverse and sophisticated firm ready to handle almost any type of litigation or transaction. But in achieving depth, we never sacrificed accessibility. Every one of our clients always knows the attorney in charge of its matter and that attorney is never more than a phone call away. Equally as important, our attorneys know and collaborate with each other. This ensures that we deliver services precisely tailored to each client's specific needs.

As managing partner, I am guided by the belief that a law firm's stock-in-trade is client service. Our greatest asset is our clients and our greatest strength is the service we provide them. I look forward to helping you find the solutions you seek.

William J. McGrath, Jr.
Managing Partner